3 Games to Sweeten Your Valentine's Day Party

By Hannah Avison

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is on the brain! Whether you’re in a committed relationship, just starting to see stars, or flying confidently solo - it’s a great opportunity to celebrate the love we have for all our favorite people. So skip the overpriced restaurant offerings and throw a party that will leave everyone with sweet memories to cherish. Read on for 3 crowd-pleasing activities that are a step up from that ever-so-awkward game of spin the bottle!

  1. Pin the Arrow on Cupid. This fun twist on the childhood classic is cheeky and a great ice breaker! Instead of blindly connecting a tail to a donkey, you and your guests will be pinning an arrow onto little Cupid’s booty. All you need is a print-out of a cartoon Cupid and an arrow, double-sided sticky tape and a sleeping mask! Attach a piece of double sided tape to the Cupid and stick him to the wall at eye level. Then add a piece of tape to the paper arrow. Voilà, your setup is complete! Once your friends arrive, line everybody up to start the fun. One at a time, your guests will put on the mask, get spun around a few times and attempt to hit Cupid with his arrow. Be sure to have a sweet prize ready for anyone who makes the target.
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  1. All Paired Up. This trivia game is perfect for a more mature crowd and simple to put together. Before the party, compile a list of famous couples throughout history (e.g, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Johnny Cash and June Carter). Have your guests break into even teams and give each group a hotel bell to act as a buzzer. You or a designated host can read from the list of couples, reading only one of each couple’s names. Whoever buzzes in first and answers the correct partner wins a point for their team. At the end of the competition, add up all the points to find the champions.
  1. Love Song Karaoke. Who doesn’t LOVE a good love song? Turn the volume up and get the gang singing - on all tunes cheesy, upbeat or classic! You don’t need a fancy karaoke machine either. Queue up YouTube on your computer or smart TV, and simply search for your favorite song + the word “karaoke.” Take turns belting your hearts out. Pro tip: You may want to have plenty of rosé on hand for those guests who’d appreciate a boost of confidence!

So go ahead and plan a Valentine’s Day shindig this year. These fun and easy games will help to keep your fave guests loose-lipped and light-hearted!

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