3 Thoughtful DIY Hanukkah Gifts

By Hannah Avison

It’s that time of year when gifts take on special meaning. During the 8-day holiday of Hanukkah, aka the festival of lights, friends and family gather to celebrate faith, strength and the bonds we share with each other. Per tradition, gifts are given each night. While we may have our eyes on Apple’s latest gadget and some luxury apparel to match, sometimes the best presents are handmade and from the heart. Here are 3 ideas for easy gifts to keep up this holiday tradition.

  1. Keep your love warm. Winter is coming and so is cold weather. How about a chic blanket for your special someone? This easy, DIY blanket is made with oversized yarn, and get this... your arms are the knitting needles! One large blanket only takes about an hour to make — so even though it looks complicated, it’s completely doable if you want to create something unique. Here’s where to get started on this great DIY gift.
  1. Take a trip down memory lane. As we grow in our relationships, we build memories, create inside jokes and learn about each other’s special interests. Why not capture that magic in the form of a collage? This old-school DIY is a classic gift for a reason; sentimental presents show the recipient how much we care about preserving our mutual history. This idea is also completely customizable! Start with:
    • A glue stick
    • Scissors
    • Construction paper
    • A large picture frame
    • Personal photos
    • Stickers / glitter / anything you want to use to decorate
    • Multi-colored sharpies
    • Your creativity

    First, take out a large piece of construction paper to serve as your base. Cut it to fit in the picture frame. Then, start puzzling images together on the paper. Trim and tuck the pictures to get a good flow, and once you’re happy, paste them into place. At this point, use your decorative materials and sharpies to give your collage a little pizzazz. You can place fun vacation stickers by an adorable beach shot, or use the markers to write in a funny quote. Finally, place your finished art into the frame and close it in tight for a perfectly unique and thoughtful present.

  2. Light up their world. A bottle of crisp white... a little sparkle in the air... how romantic! Capture that feeling with this gorgeous DIY: a wine bottle lamp. This particular craft is great for those who like to get handy in the garage. Your end result will be a beautiful wine bottle lit up with magical twinkle lights. This is the perfect present for anyone with an appreciation for classic looks and vino, so whether it’s your significant other, BFF or mother-in-law – they will be left speechless! If you have an empty bottle that holds sentimental value, even better. Let that memory shine!

In the end, no matter what you give, the greatest Hanukkah gift is being able to spend quality time with the people you appreciate the most. Have fun and may this celebration be full of light!

Cover image by slgckgc / CC BY 2.0

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