3 Tips for a Star-Worthy Awards Viewing Party

By Hannah Avison

Roll out the red carpet and pour the bubbly - it’s awards season! From the glam gowns to surprising new couples, the only thing more fun than being there in person is watching the broadcast with your best friends. Put on something sparkly and call up the crew - it’s time to throw the most gorgeous viewing party on the block!

  1. It was an honor just to be nominated. It’s always in good taste to serve some bubbles. Make it a bit more personal by surprising your guests with their very own “award” vessels. Go to any craft store and buy metallic sharpies and plastic champagne flutes (Amazon). Then, get creative! Write the name of each one of your friends on a champagne flute followed by their winning category. For example, for a friend who’s a big animal lover, her glass might read: Brenda Hopkins - Best Cat Mom 2018. Once all the beverages are distributed, be sure to start the evening off with a celebratory toast to everyone.
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  1. Cast your votes. Everyone’s got an opinion, especially when it comes to great films, music and TV shows. You and your friends might not be in the Academy, but that shouldn’t stop you from casting your votes. Make a game out of it by printing a ballot (Etsy) with all the categories and the nominations within them. Be sure to make enough copies for all of your guests. While the stars are walking down the carpet, have everyone circle who they think will win in each category. Then, sit back and watch! If you guess a winner correctly, award yourself a point. The person with the most points at the end of the show wins. Be sure to have a glamorous prize ready for them!
  1. Swag bag time. The night was full of laughs, tears and plenty of cheers, but alas, it’s getting late. Don’t let your friends leave empty-handed! Just like Hollywood stars and up-and-comers, your friends should have some mementos from the evening. You can always create some of your own swag bags without breaking the bank. Fill a cute tote bag (Amazon) with candy, nail polish, and $5 Starbucks gift cards. These fun presents will have your guests giving thank you speeches and looking forward to next year’s viewing party!
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