4 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Awards Show Party

By Sarah Koller

Awards show season is among us, and whether you’re an Academy or MTV Awards watcher, there’s no better time to throw a party to celebrate. After all, it’s hard not to get in the cinema spirit when glitzy dresses and great speeches are involved! So we’re here today with some clever ways to bring the nominations home. Think cocktails, cuisine, and cute decor all corralled in true Hollywood style. Scroll down to see all 4 glam ideas before the show comes on!

  1. Give them the true nominee treatment. The easiest way to set the tone for a formal affair is to send out an A-list worthy invite that’ll make your guests feel extra special. Consider DIYing your own cards — complete with personalized calligraphy — on black and gold paper, and send them via snail mail. If you’re short on time, consider these elegant pre-made card invites (Etsy $7) that are sure to delight as well. For an extra touch, included printed ballots in the envelopes and encourage others to fill them out and bring them along. For extra motivation, remind them that the winner takes home a celeb-inspired goody bag!
  1. Prepare a popcorn bar. Popcorn is that most iconic movie snack of all. To play to this theme, prepare an elevated popcorn bar. Plan to have several different types of popcorn, including kettle, cheese, caramel, and - of course - movie theater butter. Offer up a variety of seasonings (Amazon $13.44) and popcorn bags (Amazon $6.97) to complete the ensemble. Encourage others to scoop their own supply as the night goes on. Then, when it’s over, keep tins handy to use as festive take-home treats!

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  1. Make ‘Full Moon’ martinis. A classy libation is definitely in order for the day. In true James Bond fashion, serve up a traditional martini, yet with a modern twist. The ‘Full Moon’ martini is just the drink to fulfill this job. To make, combine half a cup of coconut cream and half a cup of water into a round ice cube mold (Amazon $12.99) until frozen. In a cocktail strainer, shake ice and one ounce of vodka (per drink) together and strain into a martini glass. Wet the rim with a lemon and add sugar to finish. Finally, drop a round coconut ice cube into the glass and add a garnish of cherries or berries to complement the concoction. Let guests enjoy their beverages - but not before taking a picture first!
  1. Decorate with gold lights. Some star-studded decorations are in order! While you can hardly go wrong with simple gold-tinsel door banners or streamers, here’s another idea that will look even more glam. Take a set of modern globe lights (Amazon $15.99) and wrap the bulbs in painters tape. Once complete, cover the exposed pieces with metallic gold spray paint (Target $7.99). Let them dry completely before displaying on the door, mantle, or anywhere else their true beauty will be show. The best part? They’ll look so sophisticated you can keep them up after the party is over!

There you have it! Four fancy ways to take your traditional Awards Ceremony watching up a notch. Now can someone please pass the remote? The show’s about to start!

For more details on hosting an awards show party, head on over to our Star-Studded Awards party plan to get all the inspiration you need (and more)!

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