4 Lucky Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day

By Sarah Koller
After a long winter, St. Patrick’s Day arriving on March 17 is just the thing we need to boost our spirits (and luck!) as we head into the next season. So we have 4 fun ways to make sure it’s a party that gets the full fanfare it deserves. From green-hued garnishes to games that put your luck to the test, scroll below to get all the charmed ideas you need to make this your best St. Patrick’s Day celebration for friends and family yet. Leprechauns included!

  1. Whip up Lucky Charms rice krispies treats. Elevate your favorite childhood treat — rice krispies — with Lucky Charms cereal that’s right in sync with the holiday. Bonus: No baking time is required! To prep, grease a 9 by 13-inch cooking pan. In a separate pan, melt one stick of butter. Once the butter has liquified, add half a teaspoon of salt and one 16-ounce bag of marshmallows. After several minutes, remove these from the heat, and add in a full box of Lucky Charms cereal. Stir the ingredients together, then transfer into the prepared pan. Press the ingredients evenly into the dish, before allowing to cool completely. Cut the dessert into squares, place on a cute green platter, and you’ve got a treat that looks just as good as it tastes!
  1. Host a “potluck-y.” We have a thing for potlucks over here. After all, it’s hard not to love an event that requires little-to-no food prep, but still lets you indulge in all the yummy things you love. So why not turn this traditional swap into an Irish-inspired one (i.e., a potluck-y!) To organize, notify your friends of the theme and encourage them to bring forward their best Irish and green themed recipes. Motivate them to get creative (avocado cheesecake, anyone?) by offering a true end-of-the-rainbow prize. This could range from a giftcard to a favorite restaurant to a stack of lottery tickets. Either way, this friendly competition will be a fun way to gather the crowds and eat some St. Patrick’s Day-inspired dishes.
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St Patricks Day party ideas food
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  1. Create a rainbow-themed backdrop. While we’re on the topic of potlucks, we’ve got just the decorating idea to ensure your food or dessert buffet is on point for the holiday — a rainbow background display! To make, head to your local party store to pick up 6 to 8 helium-filled balloons per color, in the following hues: red, orange, green, blue, purple, and white. Once you’re home, scope out a wall, and use clear packing tape (Amazon) to fasten their strings in an arch format to the wall. Make your way through the arrangement by ascending order of colors of the rainbow, blending each one into the next. Work with balloons of different sizes to add dimension. Once you’re pleased with your design, snip the strings so they don’t show on the display. Then, be sure to have a camera ready to take pictures of the final result!
  1. Have guests put their luck to the test. Once your guests start arriving, be equipped with a little something at the door to set the tone for the occasion. Place several felt shamrocks (Amazon) in a bag, with a select few labeled with lucky number 7. Encourage your visitors to draw one with their entry. Any lucky recipient who chooses one with the number 7 will get their choice of a prize from the winner’s table. This could include everything from gold coins for the kids to Jameson whiskey shots for the adults. This game can also be mirrored for place settings (labeled with “7”s under a select few plates) or as part of a kid-friendly scavenger hunt. Either way you go, it will allow all participants to determine if they really have the “luck of the Irish” after all!

Which St. Patrick’s Day idea are you into? We’re sure any of these will make your party a hit among your crowd!

If you’d like more details and inspiration, like a tablescape and festive bar cart setup, head on over to our Luck of the Irish party plan!

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