5 Halloween Party Food Hacks for Your Spooky Soiree

By Lizbeth Scordo

You’ve spent weeks dreaming up and perfecting your Halloween costume. But now your party guests are about to arrive and they’ll be expecting some eye-catching edibles to fuel the evening’s festivities. Try out these simple hacks for devilishly good party snacks to get the trick-or-treating started.

  1. Eyeball Floats. Forget the usual martini olives. Give your Halloween party guests a ghoulish garnish with a floating eyeball in their cocktails. And the not-so-scary news is that it requires just two ingredients. You’ll need blueberries and lychees – a sweet tropical fruit with semi-translucent white flesh you can usually find at Asian markets. Look for a jar of lychees, as they’ll already be peeled and pitted. Then, simply pop a blueberry into the center hole (you might need to double up if the hole is deep) to create the pupil within the white of the “eyeball.” Plop it in a drink as-is, or skewer it with a cocktail pick for easy nibbling.
  2. A Great-Tasting Graveyard. For a deadly dessert, create a quick and easy graveyard scene in a glass. For the dirt, anything dark and crumbly will do – think brownie pieces, crushed Oreos, or chocolate pudding. Drop in an oval sandwich cookie to serve as the tombstone and then amp up the fright factor with creepy crawlers like gummy worms, gummy spiders, or ghost-shaped marshmallows.
Halloween eyeball martini cocktail
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Halloween graveyard cookie dessert
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  1. Bewitching Cupcakes. This Halloween party food hack quickly transforms a plain old cupcake (which, c’mon, is already pretty good to begin with) into a wickedly sweet witch. Bake a batch of cupcakes using your favorite recipe, then add some green food coloring to white icing and frost your cakes. Make eyes and a nose out of candy corn and chocolate chips (you can do some piping with chocolate frosting to make hair if you have pastry skills) and then -- for the party food’s pièce de résistance – top the cupcakes with mini waffle cones that’ll serve as an edible witch’s hat. I’ll get you my pretty! (Pretty cupcake, that is.)
  2. Mummy Pigs in a Blanket Mini hot dogs get mummified in this simple four-step Halloween food hack. You’ll just need a pack of cocktail franks (or full-size dogs if you’re looking to go heartier), a can of refrigerated dinner roll or bread stick dough, and a squeeze bottle of yellow mustard. Slice the dough into thin strips and wrap the cocktail franks to give them a bandaged look, leaving a small space near the top for the face. After baking them, dot the dogs with mustard to make eyes. And that’s a wrap!
Halloween witch hat cupcake
Halloween mummy hot dog snack
Jamieanne / CC BY-ND 2.0
  1. A Halloween Finger Bowl. Frightening fingers will emerge from your dip bowl with this easiest of all hacks. Peel five carrots (the skinnier the better) and cut the tips to form an angle. These will serve as fingers so make them different lengths. Put a tiny bit of cream cheese to act as a glue on the top of each carrot and then stick a sliced almond to each to look like finger nails. Arrange them in your favorite dip for a hand-y Halloween pick-on.

See? We said they were simple. Now just try not to get green icing all over your killer costume . . .

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