All You Need to Throw the Most Slammin’ 90s Party

By Hannah Avison

It doesn’t have to be #throwbackthursday to appreciate the past. In fact, some of the coolest fashion choices and tunes were a product of the 1990s. Don’t you just wish you could go back in time for one night? Well, you can! One of this year’s trendiest party themes takes all the highlights from your favorite decade and celebrates them in one totally awesome bash!

Evi Michailidou / CC BY-SA 3.0

Like, OMG… What Do You Wear?

The ‘90s provided us with some seriously stylish looks. A lot of these trends are now circulating back onto the runway, making it easy to plan your party outfit. There are tons of iconic pieces, but here are a few standout favorites:

Happily Grey

Snacks That Will Make Your Guests Say, “Booya!”

Who could deny that this era had the BEST junk food. Many of these cult classics have unfortunately been removed from the super market shelves (R.I.P. Sprite Remix), but there are some tasty treats that are still available, and begging to be on your party food shopping list!

  1. Dunkaroos. When you saw this dope, basketball-loving kangaroo in your pantry you knew lunch was gonna be extra awesome. There’s something about a graham cracker cookie swimming in delicious icing that still makes your mouth water. Be sure to order this amazing treat to give all of your friends a sweet reminder of their childhood!
  2. Bagel Bites. These bake and eat bites combined every carb lover’s favorites: bagels and pizza! The miniature nature of these hor d’oeuvres makes them easy to pass out to your guests. Like the commercial says, “When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!” They really are perfect for any occasion!
Tarquin / CC BY-SA 3.0
Erin Cullum
  1. Kool-Aid Bursts. The shape of the bottle, the taste of the “juice” – Kool-Aid Bursts were unlike any beverage on the market. It was the undeniable symbol of summer in the ‘90s, and made you go, “OH YEAH!” Be sure to have these beverages available at the bar to spice up a vodka soda.

Entertainment That’s Not Buggin’

Whether your get-together is an intimate gathering or a bangin’ house party, there’s always tons of fun to be had. Here are a few fresh ways to party like it’s 1999.

  1. Dance Dance Revolution. Get the night bumpin’ with some of the ‘90s greatest hits! Whether it’s a dose of girl power from Spice Girls or some anarcho-pop notes from Chumbawamba, you know your guests will be shakin’ what their mamas gave ‘em! Don’t forget to throw some glow sticks into the mix to get the vibe right.
  1. Period Flicks. Whether you have movies playing in the background for ambience, or everyone’s chilled out for a screening – this is the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and air some of the classic. You can never go wrong with Clueless or Scream!
  2. Playa, Please. When you think back to every ‘90s rom-com, the party is centered around games. Whether it’s spin-the-bottle or beer pong, those characters were living it up! Get a clue from this decade and bring some excitement to the scene by setting up some competitive entertainment.

There you have it - some “most excellent” tips on how to throw a dope ‘90s party. Nobody will be saying “Whatever!” to this off the hook celebration!

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