Celebrate with a Champagne and Flowers Fête

By Wendy Geller

While champagne and flowers are quintessential elements for a romantic evening a deux, the charming pairing can also be a wonderful base for a celebratory get-together.

Do you have a bride, a birthday gal, or a new mom in your life? Why not honor that special lady with a bubbly and blossoming party she’ll be sure to love?

Here are some easy ideas for how to incorporate champagne and flowers as a beautiful theme for several congratulatory occasions. We’ll toast to that!

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Blushing Bride. If you’re part of a bridal party and you’re racking your brain for shower ideas, look no further than the simple combo of sparkling drinks and pretty posies. Serve up a bar with carafes of different juices, champagne, and berries/fruit slices for guests to create their own drinks. Then, supply them with a selection of loose, fresh flowers (buy in bulk at your local farmer’s market) in the bride’s wedding colors, along with ribbons and bows. Everyone can create her own bouquet!

Guests can take home the flowers as favors … and, if you wish, send them along with mini bottles of bubbly! You can customize them with cute labels incorporating the bride’s name and a flower design. If you’re crafty, create them yourself, or browse personalized stickers on Etsy.

Baby On Board. If there’s one thing a new mom could use (besides a good night’s sleep), it’s a cocktail! Celebrate baby’s birth with a classic pink- or blue-based champagne party.

If the new arrival is a girl, you’ll want to serve pink champagne, of course! Visit your favorite liquor store and ask for recommendations. Then, have fun decorating with lots and lots of pink blooms - just about every variety of flower comes in a pink shade, so your options are as limitless as your imagination.

For a boy baby, you can delight the crowd with glasses of blue champagne – simply use a blue mixer to create them. Blue flowers are definitely harder to find than pink, but check your florist for hydrangeas, irises, and others in the color family.

If you’d like to incorporate this theme for a mama-to-be’s shower, just make sure you have sparkling cider available as well for a festive, non-alcoholic option.

baby shower pink florals
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Birthday Buddy It’s your beautiful best friend’s birthday—what better reason to break out the flutes? Show her that you think she’s worth her weight in gold with a sparkling, glittering, golden celebration.

This party couldn’t be easier to create: Champagne is traditionally a beautiful gold color in and of itself, so serve it in crystal-clear glasses to show off the hue. Add a shake of edible gold flakes to each drink to make it extra festive! Yellow flowers, of course, will round out the décor—a perfect choice, as yellow is also the floral shade used to represent friendship.

Sometimes the simplest elements work the most magic. Once they hear that unmistakable pop of a champagne bottle, your guests will know it’s time to celebrate!

For time-saving tips, design and printables to bring this event to life, check out our Champagne and Fleurs Party Plan.

Cover image by Laura Clausen, Dish Wish Events

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