Children's Party Themes: What's Trending from Our Stylists

By Enjoius Staff

Children love a story, and what better way to inhabit their own story than a themed birthday party of their choosing? While enduring themes based on superheroes and Disney characters will always make their appearance, some motifs - like the emoji - have recently become more popular. Scroll on to see what’s trending in the colorful world of children’s parties, according to our expert party stylists.

1. Cute creatures conquer the party scene

Llama love. Children and parents alike just can’t get enough of llamas as the adorable star of their party theme. This furry animal lends itself to creative decorating schemes and motifs for a wide range of ages. “Their cute little faces have everyone smiling,” says Emily Cann of B. Lovely Events. And this is one trend that will only get bigger in 2018, notes Brianna Adams of Halfpint Party Design.

Party like a panda. Another furry creature, the panda, will also continue to loom large in parties this year. Fueled by the popular Kung Fu Panda franchise and an easy-to-work-with black and white color palette, it will be panda-monium for a while longer!

Don’t forget the unicorn. Nicole Johnson of The Party Porch continues to see lots of unicorns in children’s parties. It’s an easy theme for a fun and colorful celebration.

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2. Activities take center stage

Decorating is the point. Especially popular now are all kinds of decorating-centered parties. These can include decorating cookies, flower crowns, masks and wands, according to Emily. Arts and crafts and painting are perennially popular activities.

Personalized themes. “A trend I see a lot of is parties where the theme is an interest of the child - dance, music, baking, art or sports - and not just a character theme,” says Nicole. For instance, a baking party can be centered around the children making, and then decorating, their own cupcakes.

Built-in entertainment venues. The trending venues for parties that Brianna Adams sees are trampoline park “bounce” parties for younger kids and escape rooms for older kids.

3. Other popular themes endure

As for other children’s party trends, Nicole lists emoji, mermaids, and enchanted forest parties. Brianna sees swans - as well as sharks - swimming their way into current party themes. For Emily, cactus / succulent parties are also trending. “These are fun parties that can go soft or bold and can be used for all sorts of kid parties,” says Emily. “Think fiesta and tacos with this one!”

For more detailed inspo, curated supplies and setup for your child’s party, see our Party Plans - including Enchanted Forest Tea Party and Magical Meadow of Unicorns.

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