Cool Party Themes for the Young at Heart

By Enjoius Staff

If you are looking for a way to spice up your next party, celebrate in style with an interesting theme. Theme parties aren’t just for kids anymore, they offer a great time for adults too! Here are our favorite adult party themes for the young at heart!

  1. Decade Party. Yes, the decade party has been around for, well, decades which proves that it’s an awesome theme! Pick your decade and style accordingly. For example, an 80s party could include a synth-heavy playlist, Flock of Seagulls-inspired hair, and shoulder pads at the door for every guest. Going for a classier vibe? Throw a roarin’ 20s soiree complete with flapper attire and prohibition-themed cocktails.
  2. Hula Party. Do you feel like you need a tropical getaway but work or financial restrictions are getting in the way? Throw a tropical hula party at home and escape the hardships of reality for a few hours. Put out Tiki torches and silky flower leis, and make some fruity coconut beach-inspired drinks for guests to sip on. Bonus points go out to any host who can play ukulele.
  3. Glamping/Camping Party. Camping isn’t just for Girl Scouts. Get your grown-up adventure on with some friends by throwing a glamping-inspired shindig. Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis with tents, outdoor-friendly pillows, and a nature-inspired food spread. Use the glow of candles, string lights, and a small, contained campfire to illuminate the open space as the evening gets dark.
  4. Stuck in a colder climate? Bring the camping party indoors. Use wood slab coasters and twig wreaths to bring the woodsy vibe inside. Stick to the candlelight theme by setting out flameless flickering votive candles. Light up the fireplace and load up on tons of s’mores supplies!

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  1. Casino Night. We all may feel the need for a wild night in Las Vegas, but that trip isn’t always in the cards. Bring the energy of “The Strip” home with an all-out casino night themed party. The best part about this theme is you can go high or low. Capture the elegant side of Vegas with green-card tables, mixology-inspired cocktails, and a swanky dress code.
  2. Or go for the more indulgent side of Vegas with your own all-you-can-eat-buffet, complete with plenty of shrimp and cocktail sauce. Serve alcoholic slushies in ridiculous novelty plastic yardstick cups. Make sure everyone knows that what happens at casino night stays at casino night.

  3. Black & White Party. Keep things sophisticated and monochrome with a classic black & white themed party. This theme is simple enough and is only bound by the color palette of your drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and outfits. Amp up the black and white party theme with a photo booth complete with black and white props.
  4. Colorful Candy Bash. Just because you are throwing a party for adults doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t indulge your guests’ sweet tooths. Decorate your home with bold, unapologetic color and provide a smorgasbord of sugary sweets for all to enjoy. Be sure to create an upbeat, danceable playlist so guests can burn off all of that sweet, sweet, sugar-buzz energy.

Theme parties are a fun way to let loose and forget about the responsibilities of being an adult, even if it’s just for a while. Which one of these themed parties would your friends enjoy the most?

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