Fast and Furious Halloween Fun with Minute to Win It Games

By Katie Brown

I am just going to say it. Get ready because here it comes. I DO NOT LIKE HALLOWEEN. There, I said it. It is out there. I think it all started when I was young. My mom was not a huge fan of the holiday. She would complain about all the candy. How earlier and earlier each year, the kids would show up with bags open before we’d even finished dinner. Or maybe it began the year I was a Dutch girl and trick or treated all over town in wooden shoes. The next day I could barely move, my feet were so sore.

Then I got married to a man who LOVED the day. The decorations, the candy, the spirit, he loved it ALL. Now we have children who love it. As the day approaches and the years go on, I must say I am beginning to soften. I am leaning in if you will. Still, like my mom, not crazy about the candy. I am having fun helping my kids create non-hurtful costumes. I have a super scary but adorable skeleton on our front door that makes me smile every time I come home.

One of the best ways I am reinventing - and therefore falling in love with - the holiday is with different activities for the big day. This year I am all about Halloween Minute to Win It games. Take a look at a few of them. All of these are a great way to perk up and be certain that you will be adding new memories and traditions to your Halloween celebration!

Halloween bowling game Minute to Win It
Katie Brown
Halloween pumpkin golf game Minute to Win It
Katie Brown

Halloween Minute to Win It Games

Bowling for Pumpkins. Fill clear bottles ¼ of the way up with orange aqua rocks. Then attach eyes and mouths. Bowl AWAY.

Pumpkin Toss. Attach adhesive numbers to your pumpkin. Secure with small tacks, then find some large rings to throw and SCORE!

Pumpkin Mouth Golf. Carve a BIG hole in the front of a Pumpkin. Grab a golf club and a ball, and aim right at the BIG mouth.

Candy Corn Walk. Place as many candy corns as you can on a popsicle stick that you hold in your mouth and walk to the finish line FAST.

Pumpkin Stack. Draw a pumpkin face on stacked up cups. Then take it apart and make others stack it for the WIN.

Spider Race. Arm yourself and your opponent with a straw and a spider and see who can blow it the longest the FASTEST.

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