Girlfriends’ Day Off: Fun Fall Outing Ideas

By Wendy Geller

While is generally the season that calls for fun and carefree adventures with friends, fall can be a great time to get away as well. Sure, September ushers in a hectic schedule (back to school for the kids, the holidays approaching), but isn’t that a perfect excuse for you and your girlfriends to take a much-needed break?

The weather is crisp; the smell of smoke and leaves is in the air! It’s time to don your favorite sweater and cutest pair of boots, arm yourself with a pumpkin spice latte, and march off to a fun fall experience with your squad. And don’t worry: If football games leave you cold and apple-picking trips have you yawning, we have several unique ideas sure to pique your interest.

Katie Brown

Retail Therapy Outing: Girlfriends Do It Best

Everyone loves fall clothes – does your cold-weather wardrobe need a refresher? Sure it does! Pick up a stack of the latest fashion magazines, invite your friends over, add some hot beverages (or crack open a bottle of wine), and have fun figuring out which fall trends you’d like to add to your closet.

Once everyone has decided on the “must-have” item she needs to buy, caravan to your nearest mall or shopping center. Time to hunt those treasures down!

Alternatively, if your budgets happen to be running a bit too thin for those suede over-the-knee boots everyone’s craving, you can scout autumn makeup trends instead. See what colors are looking hot for chilly weather, then find your way to your nearest beauty emporium for a new lipstick or bottle of nail polish – easy on the wallet, big on seasonal impact.


Fall is the Perfect Time to Discover Historic Haunts

No matter where you live, there is likely to be a historic building, park, museum, or other point of civic interest. Have you ever explored the history of your town? Is there a restaurant or hotel that’s rumored to be haunted – or an architectural landmark you’ve always wondered about?

Put your sleuthing skills to work and discover more about your nieghbohood long ago, either by searching the National Archives Records or simply paying a visit to your local library or civic center and asking for guidance. Once you’ve traced out some fascinating facts about the area, create an itinerary to visit some of these places with your friends.

Make sure to end your tour with a scrumptious meal at a local hotspot or hole in the wall you’ve always wanted to try. Tell the waitstaff about your adventures, and ask if they have any history to share of their own.

Try an Experimental Fall Potluck With Friends

Too cold to go outside? If the weather is getting a bit nippy and you and your girls are feeling more cozy than adventurous, consider staying in and enjoying an “experimental potluck.”

The rules of the game are simple: Everyone looks up “fall recipes” on Pinterest or Google, chooses something they’ve never made before – apple gouda grilled cheese? Spiced cornbread? Butternut squash stuffed shells? – prepares it, and brings it to the party. As the hostess, you can provide beverages, a gorgeous fall décor table scheme, and a blue ribbon or trophy prize for the most adventurous dish. (Be prepared – not every one of the dishes is likely to be Instagram-worthy, but that’s part of the fun. Everyone gets an A for effort!)

In the mood to call all your gals right now? If you’re still searching for ideas, don’t forget about classic fall fun such as creative pumpkin decorating, wine tasting excursions, or even a cozy sleepover movie night (not just for the teenagers!). Enjoy the season!

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