Modern Ideas for Bridal Shower Bliss

By Enjoius Staff

Want to host a bridal shower worthy of a modern bride? The good news is you’re not bound to silly parlor games and marriage advice cards. Instead, design a custom gathering that uniquely reflects her taste and style. Whether you’re looking to create an afternoon party or a weekend getaway for your gal pal, read on for a few ideas that will take the bridal shower to a whole new level.

Create an atmosphere she’ll love. Is she into the style and trappings of Marie Antoinette? Rent chic vintage furniture from a prop store and add your own accents (like a tower of macarons !). Or maybe she’s an active gal who loves the great outdoors. Why not have the group hike into a tea party overlooking a lake?

Take a cooking class. You won’t need any games for this, as a cooking class manages to break the ice for everyone. Courses like these usually pair or group up the participants so attendees will work together and get acquainted quickly. Choose a cooking course of her favorite cuisine and become a pro at making French pastries or sushi.

Go wine tasting. Head to a wine region or take a private tasting course at your local wine shop to learn about wines. These days, you can also find whisky, gin or beer tastings, if that’s more her cuppa. Arrange a personal driver so that nobody needs to worry about being the designated driver. You can even host your own tasting!

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Get physical! Cooking and drinking may be our idea of a perfect outing, but some ladies want to keep to their healthy-minded lifestyle up until the big day. Why not go on a breathtaking hike along a beach or forest, have a skiing party on the mountain, or arrange a private yoga workshop? These activities are physical yet fun, and relaxing enough for the stressed-out bride to decompress.

Roll out a bubble cart bar. If you want decadence for your bride, set up a bar trolley cart that includes mimosas and bellini ingredients, like fresh fruit, juices, flavored syrups, champagne or prosecco. The rest is up to your guests. Decorate the trolley to fit your theme -- for a sumptuous look, pick up these gold champagne flutes and add a bit of sparkle to your bubble cart.

The modern bride might want a more inclusive bash by inviting her best guy friends. She can even invite her husband-to-be. But as it’s her celebration, we wouldn’t recommend anyone overshadowing the bride! Whatever kind of shower you decide to throw, make it personal and fitting for the soon-to-be bride, and she’ll have a ball!

If you’re going to host at home, you’ll love the chic setup and recipes in our Bridal Mimosa Bar party plan - including an exclusive discount code for delicious Nimble Nectar mixers!

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