Planning Your Best Friend’s Birthday? Here are 5 Tips to Get Organized!

By Enjoius Staff

She’s simply the best! She listened to you talk about that guy all year, and then there was the time she stayed on the phone when you thought you had an intruder, but it was the pizza you forgot you ordered. And she always tells you if you have something in your teeth, bless her heart. So you want to throw her a fabulous party to show your deep appreciation! Here are some tips to get organized, and get the party started.

Think about Your Bestie. Before you book the mariachi band, inflate thousands of balloons, and buy out Trader Joe’s of hors d’oeuvres, take a few minutes, and think: What would make you best friend happiest on her special day?

  • Does she love big crowds, or does she prefer small gatherings?
  • Does she love surprises, or does she prefer to have some advanced warning of gale-force excitement?
  • Is she super-stressed at work, or has she been cooped up at home and needs to let off steam?
  • Is she sporty and active, or is she a chill, intellectual?
  • Is she single, and looking for love, or is she more into catching up with everyone she hasn’t seen in ages?

Think of all these things, write them down, and that will help you focus your plans.

Consider Logistics. When is a good time for your friend to have a party in her honor? Is she going out of town? Does she have a weird doctor’s appointment where she can’t eat after midnight? Who knows?? Check her schedule, see what’s coming up for her. Also see if she has other conflicting plans around her birthday, ie. she always goes to Aunt Debbie’s for brunch on her birthday, something like that. Also, check the calendar. One time I didn’t realize it was Labor Day, and everybody was out of town for my event.

B. Lovely Events
A Lovely Design

Some Party Ideas...

  • If you can do an overnight party, why not check out local Glamping sites in your area?
  • Hire a Band that will do covers of all her favorite songs?
  • Water Spa! If everyone needs to chill out, I highly recommend getting water spa’d.
  • Is your BFF a saint whose heart would melt if you and your gang volunteered? Go give blood! Then go for Bloody Mary’s! Yum?
  • High tea party, my lady?

Get Connected! Get in touch with the other VIPs in your BFF’s life that will want to be part of the special plans. It’ll be good to talk to everyone because they will have extra information to bring to the table. Maybe her significant other knows she’s been dying to go to a new Ethiopian restaurant, or her Mom remembers how she much she always loved riding horses.

Delegate. Get a team together to help you execute your task of: BEST PARTY EVAHHH! Is her sister an ace baker? Then get her on cake duty! Your co-worker is also a DJ? Lock it up! Someone have an awesome backyard? Tell them that it’s their lucky day that they get to host your bestie’s party! Put your heart into it, and good things will flow!

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