Summer Birthday Inspiration for Teens—Movie Night Sleepover

By Enjoius Staff

Hosting birthday parties for your kids can sometimes be a daunting or even dreaded task. And by the time your child reaches his/her teen years you might be scratching your head for the next greatest inspiration. Take a deep breath; you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to host an awesome teen birthday bash. If your teen is a Cancer, Leo, or Virgo they are fortunate to be part of the select summer birthday crew. Take advantage of being born during a summer sky and host a movie night under the stars. Read on for planning tips and party ideas.

Get the Word Out! Your invitation is the first impression of your party and will set the tone. There are many ways to get the word out including social media, email and standard mail. If you go the traditional route, there are lots of cool sites to find and order customizable printed invitations. Use keywords like movie night, birthday party, starry night, or sleepover and search these sites;,, & Get the word out early and invite a few extra friends since there will inevitably be families on summer vacation. Be sure to include date, time (drop off and pick up), address, RSVP, required gear (sleeping bag) and what to wear (comfy PJs).

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Your Private Theatre.These days, setting up an outdoor theatre is easier than ever. If you don’t have a portable screen, go with a white sheet anchored to a wall, trees, or simple frame. Pick a spot with ample viewing space and arrange with lawn chairs, blankets, and air mattresses. Use your laptop with a projector for your summer flick. The mini projectors and speakers have come down price and up in quality. Now is a good time to acquire this technology, projectors can be used at future events like reunions, graduations, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more!

Hunger Pains! So what do you feed a group of hungry teens! The good thing is they are not picky just hungry. Popular choices are pizza, tacos, salad, and burgers. These common foods can be jazzed up by creating a food bar with all the fixings! Whatever menu you decide be sure to have an ample amount of food! Don’t forget dessert… going with the summer and bar theme, how about a s’mores bar! Or serve s’mores cupcakes. There are a variety of recipes online for all baking abilities.

Time to Crash. Don’t worry about where the kids will sleep. A saving quality about teens is that once they decide to sleep, they can doze off anywhere! Outside under the stars or back in the house, any floor space or sofa will do! Remember to have them bring sleeping bags and you are golden.

Breakfast Anyone? This does not need to be extravagant since sleeping-in is likely to be the priority. Go for a simple meal that guests can serve up themselves. Fruit with yogurt and granola or donuts and juice are good combinations. At this point, the idea is to have kids ready for their ride home!

You did it, another birthday bash under your belt and another cherished memory for your teenager!

Cover image by Fern & Maple